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Short Film Making

How did we do it?

As bigbangveberisi, our aim is to increase the production of short films in Antep.

To make a short film  If you have a problem, let's help each other. Everyone should keep one end of the business they know / are interested in. We say that the one who finds / finds help helps / finds! :)

In this context, we shot our first movie Tecesüm / The Survival of the Fattest. Trailer on our youtube channel. If you want to watch, here is the link :)

your story  Come if you can!

Let's Shoot Together!

Here's the plan: Cinema is a team effort. You cannot reach everything. You need a team. So is ours. We want to do joint work with people who will support us and whom we will support. We have no conditions to help. The helper/finder finds/provides help.

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