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Antep Kısa Film Festivali 2021: Programlar

AKFF Short Film Competition Regulations

From the link below to the Antep Short Film Festival regulations  you can reach

AKFF Ulusal Kısa Film Yarışması Başvuru

Ulusal Kısa Film Yarışması kurmaca ve belgesel kategorilerinde yapılıyor.


AKFF Bölgelsel Kısa Film Senaryo Yarışması Başvuru

Kısa film senaryo yarışması deprem bölgesinden başvuru alıyor.

Antep Short Film Festival

'Come give a voice!' Our adventure, which we started by saying, will attract short film lovers and enthusiasts this year as well.  Antep Short Film Festival.

As Big Bang and its members, we realized short film screenings and shooting short films during our journey in 2016 with the desire to increase the production of short films in Gaziantep and to be instrumental in new productions by bringing together those interested in short films.

Last year, we held Antep Short Film Days online instead of movie theaters due to the pandemic. During our 3-day event, our broadcast, in which we brought together 50 short films from local and national selections, and interviews with their directors live on YouTube, reached approximately 15,000 viewers. At the same time, news about our event took place in more than 40 channels in the national and local press.

With the support of Space for Culture, we took our event one step further and turned it into a short film festival in order to increase the impact we started last year and reach a wider audience. 

Antep Short Film Festival will take place on 19-21 November 2021 in Gaziantep Cinemaximum movie theaters.

This year, we will present the Best Short Fiction and Short Documentary Film award at the Antep Short Film Festival with a jury of cinema professionals and professionals. Each film selected for the competition section will receive a screening fee of 300 TL, and the winners of the Best Short Fiction Film and Best Short Documentary Film Award will be entitled to a monetary award of 3,000 TL.

In order to provide a direct benefit to increase the production of shorts in Antep, we will offer the Best Screenplay award and 2.000 TL production support to the winner of the scenario competition that we will organize for the participants living in Antep. At the same time, we will bring short film screenings to the audience in movie theaters, and we will organize special workshops for those interested in short films.

The deadline to apply for the Antep Short Film Festival competitions is 19 October 2021.

You Antep Short  We invite you to share our excitement at the Film Festival!

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